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  • Arab Insurance Library
    In light of the new global rules, insurance industry is always one of the industry's most influential and affected in supporting the economy.

  • We noticing these days a state of an important variables as a result of the challenges it facing all over the world, no doubt that the atmosphere requires to prepare high global rehabilitation cadres in various sciences of insurance and assistance sciences .

  • From here became the urgent need to adopt a project of establishing the Arab Insurance Library to serve as a tributary of banking services contributing to increase the formation of technical personnel and support the insurance sector in Egypt and the Arab world.

  • Due to the consolidation of efforts between the Egyptian Federation of Insurance and the Insurance Institute of Egypt ( IIE ) also with Egyptian and Arab insurance companies support.

  • In our believing that books in general, one of ensuring the quality of the educational process mechanisms , culture and training, also to serve the insurance industry, national economy and to stimulate the movement of intellectual, It was The Arab Insurance Library


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